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We highlight the inspiring stories of some students who have applied for the Giving Mac scholarship. These applicants are seeking an Apple MacBook Air, Apple iPad, or a refurbished Mac to advance their education, in spite of obstacles.


Each applicant has consented to have their story shared by Giving Mac.


Marco is from Texas

Seeking a MacBook Air

Applicants' statement of use in relation to the foundational aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) education.

"As I look ahead to college in the fall, I realize that I may not have what I need to succeed as a student on campus.  My intended major is Film Production with a minor in Music Production.  Both of these areas will require Mac computers to run programs for creating, editing, and other production tasks.  A laptop is recommended in order to take notes, complete homework assignments, and engage with STEAM-related modules.  Film and Music courses require the science of wavelengths for color and sound, math for timing and meter, engineering of various aspects in production and rendering, the input of artistry, and the implementation of both analog and digital technologies to execute projects successfully.  My primary, if not sole, use of a MacBook would be as a tool for processing and accomplishing school tasks."

Why is Marco applying?

"When I was four years old, my mother and I moved to the United States from France.  My father passed away when I was seven, so Mom has worked extra hard to provide necessities and opportunities for me ever since.  I have spent all of my time at school, studying, helping with and leading school and community activities, and serving at church.  Therefore, I have not been working a job.  I do intend to seek employment on-campus in the fall.  God always provides what we need, and we are trusting Him to facilitate resources such as this one. Thank you for your time and consideration!"

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