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What can I donate?

Giving Mac is a donation-based program and works based on the kindness of others. You can donated pre-owned and recycled devices as well as monetary donations. For more information click here.


How will my donation help?

Donations help in several ways. Pre-owned computers, tablets, phones and other technology devices may be given directly to those in need or be used to raise money to purchase new Macs and iPads to be given away. Those purchasing pre-owned devices will benefit by being able to acquire technology at a reduce rate. ​


Who Picks the Recipient? 

Our volunteer-team of community members will review each application to determine eligibility and decide which individual or organization will receive a Mac or iPad. All names of the applicants will not be shared with the team. Not all applicants can be chosen, but qualifying applications will be kept for future review. 


Who will my donation help?

With the ability for anyone in the United States to apply for our program, it is possible your donation could help someone miles away from you! How cool! However if you want to request a specific area or school district please let us know! We cannot guarantee that it will go to that location but we will do our best!


Who is eligible to apply for a free device?

The purpose of our program is to advance education. Individuals of all ages that are going to school that do not already have a computer or tablet and do not have the means to purchase one are eligible to apply for the Giving Mac program. 

Non-profit organizations that have a clearly defined educational program that is free to the public may also apply.

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What will recipients receive?

Chosen applicants will receive a new Apple MacBook Air or iPad.


Giving Mac, Inc. purchases Apple devices from MacMan, Inc., so all devices will come with a full Apple warranty.


MacMan, Inc. is an Apple Authorized Reseller.​

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