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This is by far the most fun and rewarding stage in our process and what Giving Mac is all about! Once we have purchased new devices we start looking at our current applicants. Once we have determined the best candidate, we then arrange for the recipient to receive the new Mac or iPad free of charge. 


What will be given away?

Apple MacBook Air

Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace.jpg.webp

Apple iPad

iPad 9th generation

Happy Family.jpg.webp

iPad and MacBook Air models may vary based on current models and availabilities. 

Who Qualifies?

Those that do not have a computer or tablet and do not have the means to purchase one are invited to apply for the Giving Mac program. The use for the device must be for education with a focus on STEAM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)

All applicants must show how they will use the device to advance their education and tell us how they would benefit from receiving a Mac or iPad. 

Girl with Teacher
Image by Ben White

Picking the Recipient.

Girl Posing

Applicants will remain nameless.

Names will be removed from applications and will not be shared with the team.

As applications are received, we will review them for eligibility. Eligible applications will be reviewed by our volunteer-team. Top applications will be added to a group of applications for final selection.

Not all applicants can be chosen, but qualifying applications will be kept for future review. 

When will the Recipients be selected?


Chosen applications will be added to the list of approved recipients.


Recipients will be notified when a Mac or iPad becomes available and delivery arrangements will be made.


Sometimes we may have more inventory than applicants while sometimes we may have more applicants than inventory. 

Our goal is to raise enough money to be able to giveaway devices on an ongoing bases. 

Have Questions?

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