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Bulk Hardware Donations

Embark on a transformative journey with Giving Mac, Inc. through our esteemed Corporate Sponsorship programs. By aligning your organization with our "Prosperity, In Spite Of..." mindset, you're not just supporting STEAM education; you're championing a philosophy that transcends challenges and champions positivity. Our Corporate Sponsorships offers a tiered system, each level providing unique benefits, from digital certificates to exclusive sponsorships and engraved plaques. Your contribution enables the advancement of education by sharing technology, fostering prosperity in the face of diverse obstacles. Elevate your corporate social reputation by becoming a Bronze Partner, Silver Sponsor, Gold Advocate, or Platinum Visionary, and join us in making a lasting impact on the future of education. 

Why donate your used Apple equipment?

Companies may choose to donate their used Apple computers in bulk to Giving Mac for various reasons, aligning with both philanthropic and strategic objectives:

1. Social Responsibility: Many companies embrace corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a core value. Donating used computers helps fulfill this commitment by contributing to educational initiatives and bridging the digital divide.

2. Environmental Sustainability:  Donating used computers promotes environmentally friendly practices by extending the lifespan of electronic devices. This aligns with sustainability goals and reduces electronic waste.

3. Community Impact:  Companies recognize the positive impact on communities when providing access to technology. Donated computers can empower students, educators, and underserved communities by enhancing educational opportunities.

4. Tax Benefits: Donations to charitable organizations like Giving Mac may qualify for tax benefits. Companies can receive tax deductions for the fair market value of the donated equipment.

5. Brand Enhancement:  Participating in philanthropic activities, especially in education and technology, can enhance a company's brand reputation. It showcases a commitment to making a positive difference in society.

6. Employee Engagement:  Encouraging employees to participate in donation programs fosters a sense of pride and engagement. It aligns with employee values and contributes to a positive workplace culture.

7. Strategic Partnerships:  Collaborating with Giving Mac provides opportunities for strategic partnerships. Companies can leverage their donation to forge relationships with organizations that share similar values.

8. Access to Skilled Talent:  Supporting STEAM education aligns with workforce development initiatives. By contributing used Apple computers and unlocked iPads, companies indirectly invest in the development of future talent in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

9. Positive Public Relations:  Donating used computers can generate positive media coverage and public relations for the company. It highlights a commitment to social causes and can attract positive attention from customers and the wider public.

10. Long-Term Impact:  Companies may recognize that investing in education through technology donations creates a lasting impact on the future workforce, contributing to a more skilled and innovative society.

In summary, companies donate their used Apple computers to Giving Mac for a combination of altruistic and strategic reasons, recognizing the potential positive outcomes for both the community and their own corporate image.

Hardware Sponsorships

Level 1: Bronze Device Donor

Device Donation Range: 10 - 49 used Apple devices

- Recognition on Giving Mac's official website as a Bronze Device Donor.
- Inclusion in our quarterly newsletter acknowledging your significant contribution of used Apple devices.
- Social media shout-outs expressing gratitude for your support in bridging the digital divide.
- Bronze Device Donor badge for display on your organization's website.
- A personalized "Giving Mac - Prosperity, In Spite Of..." digital certificate.

Level 2: Silver Device Sponsor

Device Donation Range: 50 - 149 used Apple devices

- All benefits from the Bronze Device Donor level.
- Featured acknowledgment in Giving Mac's annual report, highlighting the impact of your substantial device donation.
- Opportunity to have a dedicated section in our newsletter showcasing your organization's commitment to providing technological access for education.
- Access to exclusive webinars and updates on how your device contribution is making a difference.
- A framed "Giving Mac - Prosperity, In Spite Of..." certificate for display at your organization.

Level 3: Gold Tech Advocate

Device Donation Range: 150 - 399 used Apple devices

- All benefits from the Silver Device Sponsor level.
- Logo placement on Giving Mac's promotional materials, including event banners and educational resources, recognizing your commitment to digital education.
- Customized impact report highlighting specific outcomes your substantial device donation has achieved.
- An engraved "Giving Mac - Prosperity, In Spite Of..." plaque recognizing your Gold Tech Advocate status.

Level 4: Platinum Tech Visionary

Device Donation Range: 400 used Apple devices and above

- All benefits from the Gold Tech Advocate level.
- Exclusive sponsorship of a specific program or initiative within Giving Mac's projects, with naming rights, showcasing your dedication to advancing technology in education.
- Personalized video message from Giving Mac's founder expressing gratitude for your significant contribution in transforming education through technology.

- A prestigious "Giving Mac - Prosperity, In Spite Of..." trophy as a lasting symbol of your Platinum Tech Visionary support.


Note: The device donation ranges are suggested amounts, and actual benefits may be tailored to meet the preferences and needs of the corporate sponsor organization or group. For specific details and discussions on partnership customization, please contact us through the provided channels.


Contact us for more information. 

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