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What hardware can be donated?

Don't throw your old technology in the recycle bin, donate it and receive a donation receipt. You will be helping those in need.


Hardware such as computers, tablets, hard drives, computer accessories, etc. may be donated to the Giving Mac program.


Does it have to work?

We are looking for items that can be refurbished and repurposed. If we can use your device for parts, or add new parts to it, that would be great. Please keep in mind we don't want obsolete devices. Those are best brought to your local recycling center. 

Apple Mac Computers, Chromebooks & Windows Computers

Most Macs since 2018 and some as old as 2015 still have some life to give. Older Macs are better candidates for recycling. Windows computers from 2020 and newer are good ones to donate. Chromebooks from 2021 and newer are also nice ones to donate. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 12.16.54 PM.png
iPad and Other Devices

iPad, iPhones and other technology devices are great items to donate. Here is a list of ideas.

  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro

  • 11-inch iPad Pro

  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro

  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro

  • iPad (10th generation)

  • iPad (9th generation)

  • iPad mini (8th generation)

  • iPad mini 4

  • iPad Air (3rd generation)

Cardboard Box

MacMan, Inc. is handling the logistic for hardware donations.

Please ship or drop off your donation for Giving Mac at:

Attn: Giving Mac

MacMan, Inc.

4677 Keystone Xing

Eau Claire, WI. 54701

Please completed the online donation form and include a copy with your donation.

If you are a school or business and would like to donate in bulk, become a Contributor. We would be happy to have a discussion on the logistics.

How to donated your hardware?

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